Peter Wyman

Owner/Broker    Has been with Habitation Realties Ltd. for nearly a quarter century.
Father of four, Peter is a graduate of Boston University and has a masters Degree in Education.

As retired Town Crier, he is enthusiastic about the area's heritage and being an ambassador to newcomers.

"We expect continued growth in the Annapolis Royal area--as it has for the past 400 years in Canada's Oldest European Settlement".

Vicki Smith

Sales.   Vicki has been a member of the Habitation Realties team for over 20 years, first as our
Administrator, then in 2000 she became a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Being a native of the Annapolis area, Vicki is very familiar with the local communities. Her
knowledge of the people and the Real Estate market here is a powerful combination that
you can put to work for you.

"It is such a pleasure to work with people trying to find that perfect place called "home," she says.
"Come see this area for yourself--we really are a well-kept secret!"